Online Course - Level your brain

Do you believe in boundless energy? I do. And i think it's made by choice, not by chance.

Welcome to my digital home, where you can learn, grow, play, move and expand to unkown dimensions.

How I train & coach

Play & Coordination

Expand your movement variety, control and focus by expanding your brain.

Dance & Movement

Moving is not just a gift, but also our responsibility for evolution.

Breathing & Visaulization

Connect with your spirit and explore your circulating energy.

Mobility & Conditioning

A good mover mantains his body functions every single day.


You want to unlock your highest human potential?

We all want to be alive, present, happy and relaxed. But there is no short cut to it. Discipline equals freedom. If we decide to become and stay happy, we need to do what's required to use our whole human potential. I chose to live a life of daily growth and a maximum of physical and mental development. I usually play, move and dance more than 6 hours a day and teach not more that 2 hours. That might sound crazy to you but I realized, that execution gets easy if you work hard at it and hard if you work easy at it. In order to deliver the highest quality in my Personal Trainings and Workshops, I decided to decrease the teaching to a minimum and my own training to a maximum. In my opinion, good trainers are skilled trainers.


Hey, my name is Fabian.

I am highly obsessed about anything around play, movement and dance and I will help you become the mover you want to be. I will show you, how to make daily life an adventure, maximize your energy, expand your comfort zone and utilize your whole human potential. How? By establishing unique habits, that will design your future self.

Upcoming Events

Natural Movement Elements - 1 Day Workshop

Takupark, Heinzelmännchenweg 7, 50825 Köln

Movement skill development

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